February 19, 2019

Barcelona is an amazing city to live in because of its people, its gastronomy, its daily life, and its nightlife, its location, its architecture… and you’ll find it out as soon as you land in Barcelona! If you want to live in Barcelona in a place where you can meet new people from all over the world keen to explore Barcelona and who are open to new adventures… live in an Inèdit Home and discover what is like to live a coliving experience in Barcelona!

During your stay in Barcelona in an Inèdit Home, you’ll be able to explore and get lost throughout its streets and end up discovering something unique like an exclusive café, a hidden monument, a secret square or a little shop. Because that’s typical of Barcelona, it surprises you every day!

So, while you are busy looking for special and undiscovered places in Barcelona we have resumed the best spots that you must visit during your stay in Barcelona! Continue reading and find out what are the most stunning spots of Barcelona!


Visit la Sagrada Família in Barcelona!

This Antoni Gaudí’s baby is the must of the musts in Barcelona and it needed to be on this list without any discussion! You may have seen pictures and videos of Sagrada Família on the Internet, but believe us when we tell that it’s nothing compared as when you go personally to visit it! The automatic WOW that everyone expresses when getting inside the big temple is proof of its beauty and impact! Even though you will need to spend hours waiting outside in order to get your tickets (or just get them online and avoid the long queue) we assure you that it would be worth it! Plus, if you can pay extra in order to get up high in one of the towers of the building you won’t regret it! If not, we have an insider tip for you;) Go up to the terrace of Hotel Ayre Barcelona located 2 streets from Sagrada Família, and you’ll be able to take a fantastic picture with the whole Sagrada Família building!

We are sure that your coliving mates will love this plan and would love to join you on your visit! Going into Sagrada Família it’s a must and it’s even more special when you visit it with people from all over the world who is sharing his or her experience in Barcelona with you! Do you want to know the mysterious facts about Sagrada Família before going there? Read this post!


See the whole Barcelona from Bunkers viewpoint!

If you are looking for a perfect place in order to see all Barcelona and its buildings go to the Bunkers viewpoint! A free opened air viewpoint in the middle of the forest where you’ll be able to meet new people, especially at night, and enjoy the best views of the city of Barcelona from a special and cozy place full of young people! Pick a day or a night and go there with your Inèdit roommates in order to master your coliving experience all together!

Bunkers viewpoint is the best spot to take the perfect picture of Barcelona and share it on all your social networks using #LifeIsBetterInBarcelona! The perfect hour to get an amazing shot of Barcelona is when the sun sets down, breathtaking and unique! In order to arrive there, you should take the L4 Barcelona Metro line and go down in Alfons X, after that you should walk around 20 minutes to arrive at the top because in order to see real beauty you will need to work for it! The walk is worth it!

If you are interested in more Barcelona viewpoints in order to see Barcelona from a lot of point of views, read this post and get to know all the viewpoints hidden around Barcelona!


Discover Montjuic castle in Barcelona!

Montjuic castle of Barcelona is a fortress that was built for the Segadors War of Barcelona in 1640, and it’s still standing! It’s located at the top of Montjuic hill and even though it’s apart from the Barcelona city center there is a lot of life, spots, and activity up there! You can visit the Montjuic castle with your Inèdit flatmates in order to get to know Barcelona history better and enjoy your coliving experience in Barcelona! Buy your tickets clicking here! During summer the Barcelona City Hall organizes open cinema sessions in the garden of the Montjuic Castle so that you can enjoy the best movies in the best city!

Up there around the Montjuic Castle, you will find terraces and bars so that you can appreciate the view from and watch the Barcelona harbor activity! Go up to the Montjuic Castle with the famous cable car of Barcelona accompanied by your Inèdit Barcelona coliving mates and live a typical day in Barcelona!


Walk through Ciutadella Park of Barcelona!

One of the most popular green areas of Barcelona is Ciutadella Park located at the end of Arc de Triomf passage! In the center of Barcelona, you will be able to have a quiet walk through the ways of Ciutadella Park and discover its fountains and grass areas where you can lay down and disconnect from all the non-stop movement from the city center! Enjoy a Saturday morning in the park with your coliving flatmates and have a lot of fun renting a boat and paddling around in the Ciutadella low! If it doesn’t smell so good, don’t worry about it! It’s because the Barcelona Zoo is located next to the Ciutadella park! So, if you want to visit it also you can kill two birds with one stone! It’s the perfect plan in Barcelona on a sunny day! You will also be able to see the Catalan Parliament located in the middle of the Ciutadella park and you can always go to the park when you need to run and exercise in open air!

Enjoy your day there and organize a picnic, a run or a chill evening in the grass of the park with your Inèdit Barcelona flatmates playing cards! Master your coliving experience in Barcelona and live it to the fullest so that you think about your time in Barcelona as one of the best memories of your life!


Meet with the art in Picasso museum of Barcelona! 

In the heart of el Gòtic quarter, you’ll find the amazing Barcelona Picasso museum! As soon as you see it you’ll realize that its entrance looks like if it was from a fairytale and that’s typical in the houses of El Gòtic neighborhood because they used to be the castles of the noblest citizens of Barcelona and they had to be as stunning as possible! This way of living left us nowadays amazing buildings and patios that you’ll be able to wander throughout when walking in El Gòtic quarter! Plus, Picasso museum is a must visit when living in Barcelona due to the history of the popular artist and the paintings that are inside the museum! Take the perfect picture in the breathtaking patio like Cheetah Girls and continue exploring and living Barcelona to the fullest!

The general entrance of the museum is 12€ but if you’re 25 or younger the entrance will cost you only 7€! HEY! And the irst Sunday of every month the entrance is free! Convince your Inèdit flatmates and discover el Gòtic quarter and its tiny streets and get enriched from all the culture and art that is inside Picasso museum! What about a cultural evening? Yes, we do! Happy coliving!


You got the best spots... now it’s time to look for the company! Convince your Inèdit Barcelona roommates and your friends in Barcelona and enjoy a whole day wandering through Barcelona and its best spots! Life is better in Barcelona and your coliving experience too!

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