From Istanbul to Barcelona with Inèdit by Elif Sevval

November 3, 2021

Hello to everyone I’m Elif and  I will tell you about one of the most exciting adventures of my life, including Inedit, from Istanbul to Barcelona. The idea of ​​studying and living in Barcelona, ​​which has always been one of my dreams, was just a dream at first, but finding myself living in it right now still sounds incredible.

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Since I first stepped into the city, I fell in love with the colorful city of Barcelona, ​​famous for its weather, people and all its festivals. In every corner of the streets, there are great buildings and wide streets where you can encounter history and experiences. I would recommend a thing especially for students. Before going to museums and touristic places, you need to research the free admission days thoroughly and arrange your reservation online because due to covid, most museums do not take those who do not have an appointment.


I can say that I am having an experience full of all the entertainment and friendships offered for a full student. As for Inedit, I can say that the Inedit team is one of the biggest reasons why I have lived the dream of Barcelona, ​​which I have told so far. From the beginning to the end of my journey, our communication with the team was always strong and I have never encountered a chaotic situation regarding the subject of renting a house, promptly responding to the most critical issues that I needed to be fast.


Everyone in the team behaves like a family rather than a colleague and they make up for our shortcomings by producing solutions for a home-related deficiency or changes we need. As an Erasmus student, even though it may seem scary to be in a place where you are completely unfamiliar and unfamiliar, feeling how relieved you are by the team you work with does not make you feel like you are far from home, and you feel safe rather than panicking.


Although the region I stayed in is not in a very central location in Spain, it is in Sants, where very decent and respectable people live. The house is very modern, and we are very lucky that it has been renovated, and the order in the house works quite well thanks to certain rules.


The biggest advantage of the Sants region, where our transportation is very easy, is its proximity to the metro and train stations because the train station is exactly 15 minutes' walk from the house, even if you want to visit other countries. Other than the location, I share my room with my friend Melisa, who is from my own country and you can imagine that it is quite difficult for two students to live in the same room for 6 months. For this reason, we had a lot of difficulties in finding the right house and room. It was very important for us that the furniture be on equal terms and that our table and bed were separate. More importantly, we also wanted our toilet not to be in the common area at this time when we live very cautiously due to covid times, but this was only our choice, many of our friends from school use the shared toilet and stated that they did not have any problems. Everyone has their own toilet and rules in the house that Inedit presented to us, they worked very meticulously and disciplined.


When we first came to the room, everything was greeted as we were told, and we knew at that moment that we had chosen the right place. Everything from our laundry baskets to the pencil case was prepared individually. Moreover, the house never stays dirty since the weekly house cleaning is done on the day and time specified. Sometimes we can have sweet conversations with our friends from all over the world while enjoying coffee in the evenings on our terrace. Wherever one goes, the first thing one seeks is peace and security, and that's exactly how I feel during my stay here. Both the colourful energy of the city and the place where we stay make the dream come true.


That's why it's impossible to get bored in Barcelona, you can find an event or party almost every hour of every day. Even if nothing happens, you can go to the Barceloneta beach and spend a sweet day with a group of friends, listening to the sound of the sea with music and a nice conversation.


One of the last few issues I would like to mention is that Inedit sends a monthly e-mail to their tenants with detailed billing information, both visually and mathematically. Apart from this, they organize surveys where you can record your experiences with the weekly forms they send over Facebook after the house is cleaned. As you can understand, they work with a problem-free solution-oriented approach. I am very meticulous and disciplined especially in serious matters such as schoolwork, renting a house, or official documents, and since they fully help me with everything I request, I can live very comfortably.


Wherever you want to go in the world, whatever program you want to attend, your first goal should be to create a safe and comfortable living space. Otherwise, you can't be happy if your room, where you go home and sleep at the end of all the lively life that the city offers you, does not make you feel good.


As a student and a foreigner in a country I do not know, I can say that I fell in love with this city, from the siesta and fiesta cultures of the people in Barcelona to the most delicious seafood. In short, since the day I came here, I have travelled a lot and made a lot of friendships and I continue to do these.


I would like to thank the Inedit team, who added beauty to my life in many ways, helped me make friendships from different cultures and stayed safe, and I hope that one day you will find the way to this adventure. One day fall in Barcelona, a city full of people, and I wish you the chance to experience all these beauties I have described and to realize all your dreams...


Elif Sevval - Barcelona 2021

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