My Experience Interning at Inèdit

May 5, 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Elisabeth and I am from the United States. For the past 4 months I have been studying Business in Barcelona while interning at Inèdit. I am going to share with you my experience as an intern at Inèdit and my time studying abroad in Barcelona. These past four months have flown by and I have been able to not only experience the culture in Barcelona but I have also been given the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience in a multicultural setting at Inèdit Barcelona. 

I wanted to complete my internship at Inèdit Barcelona while studying abroad because I felt that it would be a unique experience to work for a company that was involved with helping individuals that were in a similar situation to me which is moving to a new country and either working or studying. When I was in the office I witnessed first hand how tentative the Inèdit team was to the colivers and any issues or concerns that they had. I was so happy to be able to have worked at a company that prioritized making people feel at home in a new environment because I was also experiencing first hand what it was like to move to another country and be away from home. 

While interning at Inèdit, I worked an average of 12 hours a week for 12 weeks. During this time, I was assigned a variety of tasks that I was able to complete at my own pace and as I wanted. These tasks ranged from classifying rental contracts and other documents to creating a database of blogs. This freedom gave me the opportunity to create my own schedule and work at a pace that best fit my class schedule and allowed me to go out and experience the city at the same time. 

A typical day for me consisted of waking up and going to class in the morning and then to work at Inèdit right after for about 4 hours for 3 days a week. This left me plenty of time to explore the city and go out and experience new things in the afternoons and evenings. That is one thing I enjoyed most about working at Inèdit, was since I was able to create my own schedule, I didn’t miss a single day of seeing the city. Barcelona is such a beautiful city and I am grateful for having been able to experience it for myself. Never a dull or boring moment because there is always something new to go see and explore. My favorite thing to do when not at work was to go explore a new part of the city and try new restaurants!

While cultivating an understanding of the business norms of the Barcelona culture, I was able to improve my time management skills and independence in the workplace as I completed my assignments at a pace that was convenient for me. These are skills that I will certainly use at jobs that I have in the future. During my time at Inèdit I worked both in the office as well as from home. This was a great opportunity for me to learn to adapt to new working environments and conditions.

Another thing that made working at Inèdit so pleasant was who I got to work with. Everyone that was part of the Inèdit Team were all so friendly. I felt welcomed from the very beginning and that made going to work a very pleasant experience.  I have really enjoyed my time at Inèdit and am sad to see it come to an end. My stay here in Barcelona for the last few months has been life changing and I would recommend that anyone, who plans to visit Barcelona in the future, whether it is for school or work, to spend it with Inèdit.


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