My Favorite Outdoor Locations in Barcelona by Elisabeth

April 6, 2022

Sometimes You Just Need To Step Outside And Get Some Fresh Air

The Bunkers

My favorite place to watch the sunset with friends is at the Bunkers. Grab a bottle of wine and some snacks to enjoy the incredible 360 perspective view of all of Barcelona. The best part is that it’s free! I highly suggest hiking up this hill to experience its epic views of the city. It's best to get there early so you can see the beautiful changes in the sky as the sun is setting.












Hike! Hike! Hike! Although you can take a train to the top, I totally recommend grabbing some friends and hiking up the mountain. Not only is the Montserrat Monastery of religious importance but the natural beauty that surrounds the monastery is simply amazing. You simply cannot beat the views from the climb up the mountain! It was exhausting though and took about two hours so I recommend taking the train on the way down after you've seen the stunning views of the outskirts of Catalonia. 


In case the hike to the top of Montserrat is too much, this one is a lot more manageable. You probably see the huge church on the top of the hill whenever you look up. When at the top you have incredible views of the Barcelona City, Mediterranean and you can see the Montserrat Mountain in the distance. At the top you’ll find an old amusement park and a famous Roman Catholic Church sitting at the summit of Tibidabo. It really is a gorgeous location to capture photos and take in the views of the city. 


Parc De la Ciutadella & Parc del Laberint d'Horta

These two parks are a great place to sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. For sure my favorite places to read a book, hangout with friends and talk or capture the beauties of Barcelona on camera!


Route of the Seven Waterfalls of Campdevànol

This last place may not be in Barcelona, but I totally reccomend taking a train out to Girona and hiking the seven waterfalls! Definetely be prepared for mud and getting a little dirty because getting down to some of the waterfalls was a bit of a challenge but so worth it! If you go when it's warm, maybe even bring a swimsuit so you can go for a swim in one of these beautiful falls. 



I hope you grab some friends and give these a try and enjoy as much as I did!


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