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Our coliving is your future scenario in Barcelona. Rent a fully furnished room with everything included and relax: we will select your colivers based on your preferences, hobbies and particularities. Live the best life experience!

Life is better with community Life is better in Barcelona Life is better with community Life is better in Barcelona
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There are more than 100 colivers willing to tell you about their experience. Be one of them! Become part of the largest community of colivers in Barcelona.

Set yourself up

We are by your side to carry out all the procedures you need to start your life in Barcelona: visa, contracts, "empadronamiento", "NIE", social security number, university enrollment, opening a bank account, searching for an internship, matching the best coworking space, ...

Private rooms

Relax in a fully furnished private room and enjoy fully equipped apartments with large common spaces. Each room has its working area and its own key.


Everything is included on the final price: weekly cleaning, up to 50 € per month of supplies (gas, water and electricity), maintenance, High-Speed WiFi and customer service 24 hours per day.

Our colivers tell you
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"I left my choice in their hands"

When I was proposed to continue my studies in Barcelona I was so excited but at the same time a bit terrified. Where would I live? I didn't know  anyone in Barcelona! But as soon as I found Inèdit, I felt that I was already at home. They immediately understood my concerns, they recommended me the best choice of coliving accordin to my preferens, they integrated me into the community and thus, transformed all my fears into trust and enthusiasm.

Thomas Chapman, Harrogate (Great Britain)
"They make it easy for you!"

My goal was to go to Europe, I saw myself in a multinational leading teams of people, that was my dream. And I got it, but first i had to spend some training time in Barcelona. A colleague recommended Inèdit and they were my best choice! They helped me with all administrative procedures, the landing in Barcelona, the integration into the city and even thanks to their community, I met a lot of people. They helped me prepare the experience of the best months of my life!

Mayra Briceño, Catamayo (Ecuador)
"I didn't have to worry about nothing"

I knew that I wanted to live in Barcelona, but I didn't want to waste my time and money renting a studio for myself, buying furniture or looking for flatmates. Searching online I saw that Inèdit was what I needed: not only could I choose the area where I wanted to live, but I could also choose the apartment that best suited my needs and the room which I felt most comfortable. They helped me with all paperwork and the transfer from the airport and once in Barcelona, I didn't have to worry about anything. Weekly cleaning, hygienic products, fresh sheets and towels, supplies and maintenance are included in a single price. I also have a Coliving Manager who advises me throughout the stay and helps me with any need. Incredible!

Susan Douglas, Bondsville (Massachussets, USA)
"Our flatmates are our partners"

Mike and I arrived in Barcelona in May to implement our business model in the world capital of mobile technology, and we were looking for a plate to live and work on our own. I wouldn't know how to describe what Inèdit meant for our companny, but thanks to them we lived with young entrepeneurs like us under the same roof and created a kind of super creative hub.

Jason Diaz y Mike Brown, Ontario (Canadá)
"Without Inèdit I would have returned to Lion"

My sister got married in Barcelona and she asked me to help her with the weding organization and paperwork. I went to live with her and her future husband! After a few weeks, I felt that I needed my own space. It was amazing when I saw what Inèdit offered me to settle in a fully equipped house under my preferences with people from all over the world and similar to my profile. What had to be only a season has become my life! I adore my flatmates, we have discovered and we are living Barcelona together and in case of any problem, I always count with Inèdit.

Beatrice Gadave, Lion (France)

Everything counts

Every part of the house is equipped with everything you expect ... or even more. We assure you a functional, comfortable, cozy and easy stay.

Private bedroom

Every member has a private bedroom, furnished with a comfortable double bed, nightstand, lamp, working area, closet and some extras. All our rooms have their own access key.

Fully furnished

Our homes are fully furnished and equipped. You will find everything you need to live comfortably and with no worries. Rent a single or shared room in Barcelona with us, bring your stuff and start living the Inèdit Barcelona experience.

Property services

Our property services team makes sure our homes are in tip-top shape, and respond to all maintenance request within 24 hours. Rent a room in Barcelona with us and we will take care of everything else!

High-end kitchen

Every kitchen at Inèdit is outfitted with high-end appliance, dishware, and other essentials.

Weekly cleaning

Once a week, our professional team cleans shared spaces, including kitchens, living rooms, and shared bathrooms.

Cleaned sheets & towels

Biweekly, our professional team provides you with fresh and cleaned sheets and towels to have a comfortable stay.

Basic supplies

We stock your household staples like pots, pans, dishes, paper towels, and soap, so you don’t have to run those pesky errands.

Free on-site laundry

Every home comes with free laundry, and all of the supplies your will need for it.


If you are ready to transfer to another room or home within the Inèdit community, simply put in a request.

Free high-speed wifi

Our homes are optimized for high-speed, commercial-grade WiFi, included at no additional cost to you.

Live Coliving

Living coliving is more.

More than a room.

More than a shared apartment.

More than greeting your flatmates in the morning ...

To live coliving is to find the place where the colivers are like you and want the same as you.

The last

We keep you informed of everything is going on in Barcelona. News, experiences, coliving events, surprises... Do not miss our news!

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