Autumn in Barcelona and all you need to know for your stay in the city

October 23, 2018

Barcelona is a city mainly known for its summer activities. When you surf the internet for information about the city, ​​either to come on vacation, to study or to work in Barcelona, most of the photos you will find will be pictures taken during the summer. According to the internet, in Barcelona we have clear blue skies, bright sun and people hanging out on the ‘chiringuito’ enjoying a ‘sangria’ in their wet swimsuit 24/7. barcelona is A city of eternal summer.

And, although it’s true that Barcelona, ​​as a Mediterranean city, has warm weather most of the year, it also has cold and rainy months. Unfortunately, we’re not that special 😉 Even though these cold days the sky is grey, the rhythm of the city is not dull and grey at all. Autumn in Barcelona is packed with celebrations, festivals and awesome activities to do, some of them related to ancient habits and traditions that have survived for centuries. And almost 100% of them are related to some kind of special season food on the equation, which makes them even more special (and delicious!)

That's why today we want to explain everything you need to know about autumn in Barcelona and everything you can do to spend the best time, like a local.


Celebrate the “Castanyada” (chestnut festival)

The ‘Castanyada’ is a celebration that dates from the eighteenth century and it is celebrated in All Saints' Day, (November 1st). It has its origin in the celebration known in other cultures as the ‘Day of the death’. This typical catalan celebration consists in making a good bonfire to roast chestnuts and sing popular catalan songs, some of them related to chestnut merchants from old times. In addition to chestnuts, this celebration is usually paired by other typical foods and sweets from Catalonia, such as ‘panellets’ (sweet dough with pine nuts), ‘moniatus’ (sweet potatoes) and a very typical sweet wine called ‘Moscatel’.


See the fall foliage

One of the great autumn phenomena is seeing the change from summer to autumn reflected in the colors of the trees leaves. Brown and ocher tones start appearing, substituting the regular green COLOR of the usual tree leaf, announcing the arrival of the cold season. In Barcelona, there are many natural areas where you can walk and enjoy the fall foliage. A walk in the ‘Parc de la Ciutadella’ or an excursion to Mount ‘Tibidabo’, as well as a route through the Montjuic mountain, will allow you to enjoy this beautiful and unique process.


Have a hot chocolate in Petritxol Street

There is nothing more appealing on a cold day than a nice cup of hot chocolate. In Barcelona, there is a popular street related to this delicious treat: Petritxol street. In this narrow street, spoted in the center of the Gothic Quarter you will find ‘bombonerías’ (chocolate shops), coffee shops and all kinds of stores specialized in chocolate. Our advice is to search for the fullest cafeteria (a sign that the chocolate is good there) and order a ‘chocolate suizo’ (Swiss chocolate). That's the name given in Barcelona to a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream, which then you can pair with ‘churros’ (fried dough), ‘porras’ (other type of fried dough), croissants and all kinds of pastry.


Stay home and watch a movie with your flat mates

When the cold arrives, the main thing your body craves is to stay home under a blanket watching a movie. Sitting in the warm sofa of your living room, watching through the window how the rain falls, it’s probably one of the greatest pleasures of life. After all, a room to rent in Barcelona, in one of our Inèdit Barcelona apartment are the perfect place to do that. You can even gather your flat mates and have a great ‘movie night’. Another great way to live the coliving experience.


Go to the mountain to pick up ‘bolets’ (mushrooms)

When the autumn rains arrive, it’s time to fulfill one of the most deeply rooted habits of the catalan people: go to the countryside to pick up ‘bolets’. ‘Bolets’ are different types of mushrooms that you can find in the catalan mountains. This tradition is traced back to the time of the Roman Empire where the ‘bolets’ were considered a delicacy, and they were picked up by peasants who later sold them in the market. Over time, the tradition became popular, and today it’s one of the most famous habits in Catalonia. That’s why our advice to you is that, if you’re planning to go pick up ‘bolets’, you better get up early or you will find that every single one of them has already been picked up!

As you can see, there are many things to do during the autumn in Barcelona. In Inèdit Barcelona we are true fans of this city, and we want you to discover everything it contains so you can really have a good time and live to the fullest this experience. Also, if you are planning to come to the city for more than a  month and need a room to rent in Barcelona, just let us know!

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