How to rent a Barcelona apartment – 5 things you REALLY need to know before doing it!

Barcelona. A city in the edge of Spain, facing the Mediterranean Sea. Famous for its beautiful beaches, unique architecture, diverse culture and its even-more-famous football team. Hanging out with friends, enjoying the outdoors and the little things of life. Waves of students and young professionals come to the Catalan capital every year with the goal of living here for a while. And all of them must, unfortunately, deal with one of the biggest difficulties of living abroad: Finding Barcelona apartments for rent.

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The most misterious facts about Sagrada Familia (and why you should visit it)

If you live in Barcelona, you'll have noticed something striking and peculiar in its skyline. It kind of looks like a church, but it’s too unique and spectacular to be just a place for religious worship. With its perfect structure, exuberant decoration and astonishing details, it’s definitely one of the most amazing monuments in Barcelona and one of the most visited in the world. We’re talking, of course, about La Sagrada Familia.

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