Embracing the Vibrant Life in Barcelona with Inedit

Abril 10, 2024

To me, Barcelona has always been the city of year-long sunshine, lovely beaches, breathtaking architecture, and a rich cultural tapestry. However, little by little, it has also started to become my home away from home.

My journey began a couple of months ago, when I moved here to work as a documentation writer for a software development company, with a charming little office on the outskirts of the city. I think I'm in the same boat with many other young professionals when I say that the most frightening thing about moving to Barcelona is finding a decent place to live. In fact, only after a rollercoaster of hectic apartment-sightings and room-bookings did I manage to stumble upon the oasis of community living with Inedit Coliving. What’s even better, I ultimately found my perfect place in the lovely and accessible district of Sant Gervasi.

When you’re staying in a Coliving Home provided by Inedit, every day feels like an exploration of diversity. I share my coliving space with individuals from around the world, each with their unique stories and backgrounds. In fact, I think it would be impossible to feel out of place in this colorful bunch. At first, I imagined all my flatmates would be students, most likely significantly younger than me and probably living a completely different lifestyle. The reality turned out to be different, as in my coliving alone the spectrum ranges from bachelor-level students living abroad for the first time,  to older, seasoned and experienced globe-trotters. This vibrant mix of backgrounds not only broadens my perspective but also creates a supportive environment where we are all able to share tips on navigating the nuances of life in Barcelona. I have to admit that living in a coliving apartment with Inedit has not only made my transition to this dynamic city much easier, but also enriched my life here with ideas I never would have come to on my own.

One of my favorite perks of living in Barcelona is the opportunity to explore the natural beauties of the Catalan region. Many of those natural highlights are in very close proximity to the city itself, and reachable by regular public transport. From the iconic Tibidabo to the surrounding forests and coastlines, every weekend offers me a chance to immerse myself in the breathtaking landscapes that this area has to offer. Even some of the nameless and hidden hills around Barcelona boast awe-inspiring views, and the well-marked trails make hiking an accessible, cheap, and noteworthy experience. The air is crisp, the paths are clear, and the lush Mediterranean forests are a constant reminder of this region’s unique charm.

Another truly make-it-or-break-it aspect when it comes to my preference in cities is the food. Luckily for me, Barcelona's culinary scene is a tapestry of flavors, blending traditional Spanish and Catalan cuisines. One of the highlights of my time here has been the gastronomic adventure through the city's diverse range of restaurants. From charming local eateries to high-end dining establishments, the options are endless. Living in the coliving  located in the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi provides me with easy access to a variety of options for eating out. Being new to Spanish and Catalan cuisine, I've made it a ritual to try out new restaurants every week. The abundance of fresh seafood and healthy, affordable food options has been a delightful revelation. Exploring the local markets and indulging in tapas has become a weekend ritual, making each meal an opportunity to try out something new.

Having arrived here just before the winter season, I must say that winter in Barcelona is a unique and surreal experience. Unlike the bone-chilling cold of many European cities, Barcelona's winter is mild. Spanish people may disagree with me on this one, but in reality, I’d say it feels like an additional spring. What’s more, the ability to sit on the beach and bask in the sun during the winter months is a luxury that I never knew I needed. Yet another reason why finding housing in the best possible location matters: being able to relatively easily access the beautiful beaches is a complete game-changer, turning winter weekends into a seaside retreat.

What Barcelona is possibly best known for, the city’s architecture, is a feast for the eyes, a fusion of Gaudi's masterpieces and medieval charm. The central part near the coast feels like a scene from a medieval seafaring-themed movie, with palm trees lining the streets and Mediterranean greenery adorning every corner. Wander away from the coast, and you'll find yourself enchanted by the whimsical world of Gaudi, with his unique and surreal creations dotting the cityscape. Away from the tourist hubs, the city reveals its hidden gems – quaint streets, charming shops, and architectural wonders waiting to be discovered. Each stroll through Barcelona's neighborhoods is a journey through time, and having these architectural marvels at a walking distance is a privilege, with the city's treasures right at my doorstep.

The old adage about the city that never sleeps rings true in the Catalan capital, with something new happening every week. The cultural vibrancy is palpable, from art exhibitions and music festivals to spontaneous street performances. My apartment’s strategic location ensures that I have easy access to the city's cultural hotspots, making it easy to immerse myself in the rich tapestry of Barcelona's artistic expression. Whether it's a spontaneous trip to a local gallery or an evening spent at a concert, the city's treasures are within reach.

My coliving apartment with Inedit has been more than just a place to stay; it has become the anchor of my Barcelona experience. The sense of community, the diverse group of residents, and the location make it the ideal choice for someone looking to embrace the Barcelona lifestyle fully. The community spirit among the roommates creates an environment where we not only share living spaces, but also share the joys of discovery. Thinking about my Barcelona adventure, I can't help but appreciate how Inedit has been instrumental in making every aspect of living in this city a fulfilling experience. From the shared stories in the communal spaces to the sunlight coming in through my window every morning, living here is really beginning to feel like home.

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