GO WITH THE FLEA! The best weekend flea markets in Barcelona

November 27, 2018

Fashion resides in the city of Barcelona. Locals follow and love the last trends, and always look for the best quality and the most original designs. You can go to ‘El Corte Inglés’, one of the biggest shopping malls, and find beautiful classy clothes. You can walk through ‘Passeig de Gràcia’, one of the most important commercial streets in the country and find international popular brands and their latest outfits. But if you’re looking for something special, unique, modern and not too expensive, maybe it’s time you check the Barcelona flea markets.

After you find the best flats to rent for students, you should totally visit Barcelona flea markets because of 2 main things (from all the other ones that exist). Firstly, if you do visit trendy markets beloved by the locals and where all the good and new products reside, you’ll be able to follow the trends of the city and its people. Secondly, because there you’ll find the real Barcelona ambient, you’ll find out what the locals love to do during their free time and be able to discover new modern and trendy Catalan brands who are hardly trying to find their international public so that they fall in love with them and their products.

In Barcelona, you can visit different retail shops in big shopping malls, find the product you were looking for and going back to your apartment happily. But that’s not what happens in a flea Catalan market. In the flea markets that’s different, you can meet all kind of vendors, even have a quick talk with them about their brand or any beer (they tend to like modern beers and love talking about them), discover new trendy brands, and end up buying their unique products.

You’ll be able to find all kind of products, from books and clothing to electronics and food, or even limited art or furniture. All new, handmade or second-hand products at the greatest quality. But, above all the things that you can do and find in a flea market, you can feel the energy and unique, modern and hipster atmosphere from the daily life of the city translated in this market environment.

We have picked the most beloved ones that occur to take place during this weekend. Go grab some money (not much but think that in some of the markets you’ll need to pay entrance) and enjoy your time there! Maybe you’ll find the perfect Christmas present for your granny or a crazy product for your Secret Santa!


Mercat dels Encants

The first in the list is the biggest and oldest flea market in the city and it has experienced different periods throughout history. Its origin is dated in XIII century, and it was born by the conjoining of two different markets of the area, Encants and Bellcaire. This big square in front of the Agbar Tower was the stage for big public auctions, but also people who used to sell the deceased belongings.

Nowadays you’ll find from electronics and clothing to statues or even pianos, but it’s popular known for finding old treasure products like Polaroids, cameras, books… for a cheap price. Every time you go, you’ll be surprised with different values products.

Els Encants is opened every day of the week (except on Sundays), so you can drop by whenever you feel like it and start the search for hidden unknown treasures.

WHEN: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 

TIMES: From 9h to 20h

PRICE: FREE entrance

WHERE: In front of la Torre Agbar in Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes.


Palo Alto Market

In the end of Poble Nou, a classic Barcelona district full of abandoned warehouses turned into advertising agencies, tech companies and traditional neighbors, you will find the Palo Alto Market. Built in an old industrial factory, Palo Alto is today an artistic community that uses its spectacular location and venue to kickstart artists from all around the world, in addition to enhance the Barcelona creative landscape.

The price of the entrance is 4€, which is nice because it avoids the creation of crowds and keeps away the market from a tourist ambient. In its beautiful and natural interior garden, you will find the best design, imported clothing, original elements for decoration, dressing and art. Every first Saturday and Sunday of the month you can visit and get acquainted with what’s cool in the city at the moment. They combine the regular ‘flea market’ with a restaurant, art exhibitions, workshops and other events.

WHEN: Every first weekend of the month

TIME: from 11h to 21h

PRICE: 4€ entrance

WHERE: Carrer dels Pellaires 30.

For more information related to next editions, have a look to the market site: https://paloaltomarket.com/en/home


Flea Market

‘Flea Market Barcelona’ is a monthly street market, mainly formed by people selling second-hand clothes. It was initiated in 2007 and throughout the years it has been gaining popularity especially by word of mouth. The variety and quality of the clothing, even though it’s second hand clothes, makes it also the perfect choice if you want to make your outfit a little bit more original and cheaper. The downside of this is that sometimes, because of its limited products, it’s hard to find your size. It’s just the same as when looking for flats to rent for students, it’s not always easy. If that’s your situation, just let us know 😉

PRICE: FREE entrance

For more information related to next editions, have a look to the market site: https://fleamarketbcn.com/


Two Market

‘Two Market’ is a pure second-hand market, the type that gives the meaning to the phrase ‘One man’s trash is the other man’s treasure’. Some editions of the Two Market take place in the popular bar known as “L’Ovella Negra” in Poble Nou (next to Razzmatazz discotheque), famous for serving beer and sangria in huge glasses measured by meters. Some weekends they turn the bar into a second-hand 1€ flea market where you can get knee-deep into all kind of bargains. From cheap shirts to used international brands, in ‘Two Market’ you can hang out, have a couple of drinks and find that perfect piece of clothing for the season at an insanely good price.

PRICE: FREE entrance

For more information related to next editions, have a look to the market site:



As you can see, buying second-hand in Barcelona is an original experience. Some of these markets are traditional, whereas others are modern and “cool”. But all of them share something: that Barcelona vibe and the atmosphere that made them unique. One of the best things of finding flats to rent for students and coming to Barcelona is having these events as an option to hang out almost every weekend.

You already have all the information, so we just wish you a good bargain-hunting!

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