How to rent a Barcelona apartment – 5 things you REALLY need to know before doing it!

October 11, 2018

Barcelona. A city in the edge of Spain, facing the Mediterranean Sea. Famous for its beautiful beaches, unique architecture, diverse culture and its even-more-famous football team. Hanging out with friends, enjoying the outdoors and the little things of life. Waves of students and young professionals come to the Catalan capital every year with the goal of living here for a while. And all of them must, unfortunately, deal with one of the biggest difficulties of living abroad: Finding Barcelona apartments for rent.

That’s why sometimes is way easier to rent just a room. The first reason, of course, would be not having to deal with all these bureaucratic problems, both with the landlord and the administration. In addition to this, renting just a room would mean sharing the rest of the apartment with roommates; new people that might become you friends in Barcelona. The coliving experience is one of the best points of having an adventure living abroad.

In any case, Inèdit Barcelona ​​ knows how difficult is to make the choice and follow this process is. That's why we want to share with you all the necessary information, so you know the steps of this sometimes-complicated path. And in case you think that the option to rent a room in Barcelona is more suited to you, ask us!


Finding an apartment in Barcelona

The first step is to find the apartment (obviously!). The first barrier that many foreign people find is the language, since most of the real estate agencies, internet portals or real state ads are in Spanish. In case the language is not an inconvenient, then you’ll have to find the apartment that suits our conditions and budget. It is important to carry out this process carefully, avoiding deceptive or suspicious ads. This process can be even harder when you are not physically in Barcelona.


Check the current state of the apartment

At the time of the open house, there are several aspects that we must check ourselves. These are mainly the amount of natural lighting, the noise pollution, the thermal protection and how clean the place is. If the apartment is already furnished, we must check that the refrigerator, heater and washing machine are working properly. Even if it’s a new building, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the water, gas and electricity installations are in good shape. It’s mandatory to request the gas revision certificate, the ‘Cédula de habitabilidad’ (occupancy certificate) and the energy certificate. Achieving this it’s only possible If you’re in Barcelona, since this is not possible to be done remotely.


The deposit and solvency proof

In case our rental appliance becomes positive, we must provide several documents to prove our solvency to the landlord. Normally, payrolls must be provided, although depending on the landlord, he can request solvency certificates or tax returns.

In case of possible damages in the apartment, the owner can request the payment 1-to-3 months deposit. This amount must be paid before renting the apartment, and it will be returned at the time the contract is terminated, if there are no damages in the house. Also take into consideration that most of the times the deposit is not returned the day you leave, but usually a month after, as is stipulated by Incasol

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Managing the contract

Once you have reached an agreement, it’s time to manage the new contract. In this phase we recommend you having a lawyer or legal representative specialized in Spanish real state law. In this phase it will be necessary to check that the floor legally belongs to the landlord and that all the clauses of the new contract are in order. The duration of the contract is a minimum of a year and a maximum of three years, with a penalty of losing the deposit in the case of non-compliance.


Register basic services or change ownership

You have already signed the contract, paid the deposit and the first monthly payment. Congratulations! Now it’s necessary to register for basic services: electricity, water, gas and telephone / internet. Keep in mind that hiring these services, or the change of titleholder, are a task for the tenant in the case of apartments for rent. That means you.


The conclusion

As you can see, renting an apartment in Barcelona it’s not a picnic, especially if you don’t speak the local language and have no previous knowledge of the city.

For this reason, we would like to highlight the Inèdit Barcelona coliving proposal: Rent a room in Barcelona in a shared apartment. Know people from all around the world and focus on your studies or job. Choose your room and start living the Barcelona experience while we take care of everything else: management, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, etc.

The simplest way to rent a room in Barcelona, not only avoiding bureaucratic obstacles but if you want to have comfort, confidence, security with our 24-hour attention phone, quality accommodations is Inèdit Barcelona.


Live Coliving

Living coliving is more.

More than a room.

More than a shared apartment.

More than greeting your flatmates in the morning ...

To live coliving is to find the place where the colivers are like you and want the same as you.

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