October 13, 2020


My experience with Inèdit Barcelona has been amazing and still it is... 
My story began when I decided to move from the city where I was born, to Barcelona and it was a matter of less than two days. I knew I was going to live in Barcelona but I didn't know where or with whom I was going to do it, especially with all the uncertainty related to the COVID19 situation. September was going to be a month of changes and I was supposed to choose wisely and with precision. 

It was just a matter of half a day when I had everything ready and set to start my adventure. 

I spent that time looking for agencies that could help me find a room in a students apartment, with a similar age to mine which is 23 years old, or also young students that were looking forward to living genuine experiences together.

At this point is where Inèdit Barcelona enters the game. I contacted them by email so I could have pictures of the room, how many people were living in the apartment and the location. In a matter of hours, I already knew which was going to be my room and the different nationalities I was going to live with. I was excited, waiting for the moment to arrive in Barcelona as it was my first time there. What I was not expecting was the incredible experience I was about to have when I got there. 

Once I arrived in Barcelona, I went straight to Inèdit's office to make the check in process and sign all the legal documents. The treatment I received was over the expectations and the location of the office to be able to find it very very good. After signing all the documents and with the keys of my new home in my hands I headed to the apartment. 

Today, I can say that the apartment is incredible! I live ten minutes away from the very city center, in a very spacious apartment, equipped with brand new furniture, with priceless views, clean and tidy, especially my room, which is one of the best ones I have had in the past four years. In my particular case I chose the option of a shared room and I am so lucky to share it with Ilaria, with whom in just a few minutes talking and knowing each other I felt we were already close friends. On my arrival, I also met Ivonne, who made me feel very comfortable and showed me the whole apartment as she was one of the veteran colivers in the apartment.
A couple of days after, I met the little Majorca Julia and from that moment, the four of us together, lived the Coliving experience at it's best: dinners at home, places to know, peruvian restaurants, cheap and tasty japanese sushi bars, shopping, different views spots with unforgettable sunsets, the city and the Tibidabo lights at nights and lots of laughs that  created a very strong conexion between us. 

A couple of days later, during a sunny morning, I met Alyce, an Australian girl who gave me really good vibes. She always joins us when she can because she works really hard and all her spare time, she uses to spend quality time with us.  

A couple of weeks later, we met our new roomies, a french guy called Arnaud and Samira from Azerbaijan, who taught us their french dances, their music and the most typical food from their countries. 

A little bit more later, Stephanie from Switzerland joined us. She's a very enthusiastic girl wanting to eat Barcelona step by step. The beach plans, chiringuitos, beers and nights looking for a terrace where to drink some wines followed came with her. 

A really good bond was born between all my college friends and the rest of colivers, with a lot of things to share and a lot of things in common despite we have very different personalities but at the same time, that's why we complement each other so well. 

To sum up, the decision I made from the other part of Spain couldn't be more positive as I am very comfortable and happy with it. 

I enjoy my journey day by day in Barcelona, leaving my cell phone behind very often and focusing on enjoying the company I have by my side. This is easy because in Barcelona, a new place shows up every day and you always lack time to discover them all. All of this was crucial to be able to write this text so incredibly happy and with a big smile on my face. 

As I mention, in Barcelona there is always something to do, hidden plans waiting to be discovered and new local people to know. I encourage you to take a step further and come here to know Barcelona and all the people that live in it :)

Contact Inèdit Barcelona, and don't worry about anything else. Both them, us and your future roomies will take care of you and make sure you never get bored for a moment!


Live Coliving

Living coliving is more.

More than a room.

More than a shared apartment.

More than greeting your flatmates in the morning ...

To live coliving is to find the place where the colivers are like you and want the same as you.

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