My Coliving Experience with Inèdit Barcelona By Saatvik Gupta

October 21, 2020
My Coliving Experience with Inèdit Barcelona By Saatvik Gupta
My name is Saatvik and I am from New Delhi, India. I came to Barcelona in September last year and have been staying with Inèdit Barcelona all this time and I would like to share with you my experience so far…

I came to Barcelona to pursue my MBA in Sports Management last year and I was looking for an accommodation not far away from my university. My search for a perfect accommodation led me to Inèdit Barcelona’s website where not only I found a perfect place for me to stay but also a place well connected with metros, buses and right in the heart of the city near Plaza España. The whole city is full of a variety of gyms where one can easily get a membership and do their workout for the day. Also, there are many supermarkets in every neighbourhood to buy the groceries for the week. This is the view of the city from my Balcony.
On my arrival to Barcelona, I was attended by Inèdit's personnel who took care of my luggage and gave me a nice and pleasant ride to my accommodation. When I reached over there, I was attended by Alex from Inedit who gave me the keys to my room, a copy of my contract and list of inventories to check whether I have all the necessary items available in my room. Not only that, Inedit helped me to get a mobile sim card on my arrival so I could contact my parents anytime I wanted. They also helped me get a bank account which is not at all easy to get, but inedit took care of everything and I opened my bank account without any issues. Moreover, Inedit helped me to get my empadronamiento which is a really important document in case someone needs to extend their visa beyond 3 months and since my MBA was supposed to last 10 months, I needed that document by hook or by crook but thankfully inedit took care of it and I had my empadronamiento with me in no time. 
The Coliving experience for me has been wonderful as I get to meet a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds and get to know bits and pieces about the languages they speak, the food they like, the music they are into and so on. I was lucky to meet the best flatmates possible on my arrival in Barcelona and to celebrate the occasion we had a splendid welcome dinner prepared by all of us. My room was a shared accommodation and that is where I met my brother Otto who is from Spain itself. He helped me settle in, made me feel comfortable and helped me with everything because for me it was really scary in the beginning, being in a foreign country for the first time and you don’t even know the language but I was really blessed in that matter being helped with every step in the way thanks all my flatmates. All of it was all possible because of the beautiful and fantastic set-up provided by inedit. 

Weekends in Barcelona are the best, where you get the luxury of visiting the beautiful city abundant with state of the art architecture and museums from the back end of last century architected by the famous Gaudi, places where you can find peace and mindfulness like the Sagrada Familia, getting a breath of fresh air on the beaches and coastline of Barceloneta and for all the hikers out there, you can just go and climb a mountain or two all across the city. My personal favourites being Montjuic, Bunkers de Carmel and Mount Tibidabo.
My personal favorite adventure every week was to climb Montjuic because there are several paths that lead you to the mountain top and believe me that is not even the best part. There is Castle de Montjuic right at the top of the mountain which was used in ancient times to keep an eye over the entire city and it’s a perfect place for someone like me who just loves to visit places with historic importance and relevance. The best part about the city is that you will find several restaurants and bars on every street corner which is really interesting if someone wants to visit new places and experience different cuisines every week. Moreover, the city is equipped with easy to rent bicycles so someone who loves to go on a long bicycle ride across the city, you know what to do.
I was one of the few people who have stayed in Inedit accommodations during the period of lockdown and which lasted almost 3 months. It was not easy to stay at home all the time but Inedit helped me stay positive during such surreal times and gave me the inspiration to workout at home. During the period of lockdown, I worked out every day for 1 hour and by the end of 3 months, I lost almost 15 Kgs and right now I’m in the best shape of my life.
I would like to conclude by saying that my stay here in Barcelona for the last year has been life changing and Inedit is like my second home and all the flatmates are like my second family. I would recommend everyone, who plans to visit Barcelona in the future and is looking for a different and exciting experience, to get associated with Inedit and get to spend time with people from all over the world and at the same time make memories of your lifetime.
Now, I embark on a new journey where I will start my new Masters in Football Management very soon and I must say I feel really excited about the feeling of what the future has in store for me as I walk into the wilderness full of adventures and escapades.


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