Casas i Amigó, 33

Zone: Bellaterra

It is a medium sized room (10m2) and bright, with an exterior window.

It only shares the bathroom with Room 1. 

The room has central heating radiators for the coldest winter nights. 

It has a double bed of 140cm with canapé, to gain even more storage space, a very comfortable mattress, a large two-door closet to organize all your clothes and a large workstation of 73x48cm, with a chair adapted to work or study remotely. 

The room is equipped with WiFi.

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Monthly payment
850 € per month
From 28/08/2024
Notable features:

All inedit rooms meet a series of minimum requirements. You can also request extra services:

What includes?

What includes?

  • Airport Transfer (50€/serv.)
  • Premium Check In (35€/serv.)
  • Weekend Check In (50€/serv.)
  • Room Cleaning Service (30€/serv.)
  • Ironing service (25€/serv.)
  • Empadronamiento
  • Printing & Copying
  • Grocery service (15€/serv.)
  • Monthly luggage storage (50€/serv.)
  • Comfortable Check Out (35€/serv.)
  • Contract Extension Fee (45€/serv.)
  • Room Change Fee (50€/serv.)
  • Contract Reduction Fee (100€/serv.)
  • Home Insurance (50€/serv.)

The Flat

Can you imagine living in a dream house surrounded by nature and very close to the center of Barcelona?

Casas i Amigó is a coliving house in the heart of Bellaterra with lots of nature in the surroundings. It is divided into different spaces that include a barbecue area, 2 terraces, a shared pool, living and dining room, plus a very spacious kitchen that is located next to.

It has 4 spacious and comfortable rooms designed to ensure your comfort and privacy, and also you can choose the one that best suits your needs or make a better match.

Here you can relax, disconnect and see the best landscapes from what could be your next home. A completely renovated house located just 35 minutes by train from the center of Barcelona.


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Rooms number: 5
People: 7
Notable features:

All inedit flats meet a series of minimum requirements. You can also request extra services:

Nearby services


Nearby services


Room Booking

Monthly payment

850 € per month

Member fee i

250 € per person

Inèdit policy

Inèdit Policy

Member fee

Member fee

Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy



Live Coliving

Living coliving is more.

More than a room.

More than a shared apartment.

More than greeting your flatmates in the morning ...

To live coliving is to find the place where the colivers are like you and want the same as you.

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