Gran de Gràcia, 17

Zone: Gràcia

This Inèdit room is a huge and light room thanks to it's cool and private balcony facing to Gran de Gràcia street from where you can see Jardinets de Gràcia and Passeig de Gràcia, amazing views.

It has high ceilings which gives a lot of space to the room, a big double bed facing the balcony, a closet and a cozy working area next to the window.

It is a quiet room as it is situated far form the living room and kitchen areas, but it is  located next to the main hall of the apartment. 

This room is perfect for students and young workers who love exterior views and need a cute exterior balcony to breath and take a bit of fresh air while they enjoy a cool co-living experience with people from all over the world.

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Complete room for single use:
725 € per month
From 02/07/2020
Notable features:

All inedit rooms meet a series of minimum requirements. You can also request extra services:

What includes?

  • Electric Heating Unit
  • Balcony
  • Independent Key
  • Double bed
  • Desk and Chair
  • Mirror
  • TV
  • Closet
  • Pillows
  • Bed linens and Duvet
  • Towels

What includes?

  • Airport Transfer (50€/serv.)
  • Premium Check In (35€/serv.)
  • Weekend Check In (50€/serv.)
  • Room Cleaning Service (30€/serv.)
  • Ironing service (25€/serv.)
  • Empadronamiento (30€/serv.)
  • Empadronamiento + NIE (90€/serv.)
  • Printing & Copying
  • Grocery service (15€/serv.)
  • Monthly luggage storage (50€/serv.)

The Flat

This cool Inèdit apartment is located in the heart of Gràcia neighborhood, in Gran de Gràcia street in a really centric location, next to the famous Jardinets de Gràcia and Passeig de Gràcia streets. 

It is situated in a cool and beautiful modernist building with an elevator, next to Diagonal metro station (L3) and Gràcia FGC station.

It is a unique apartment per floor, so there are no side neighbours. The apartment is huge and light and it has all commodities to live comfortably in one of the best locations of Barcelona.

The apartment has a big and spacious hall to welcome your visitors and a huge and bright living room with a big exterior window from where you can see Gràcia cool rooftops and loving sunsets. The living room is equipped with sofas, a big table with chairs to share your meals and a big screen TV.

The kitchen is also big and completely equipped, there is also a laundry area with an interior clothes line, and an exterior clothes line. The apartment has 2 big bathrooms one with a bathtub and another one with a shower.

This apartment is more than 200m2 size and it has a total of 9 rooms. Two of these rooms are shared so there will be a maximum of 11 students home at a time.

All rooms are spacious and most of them are well lit as the complete apartment is exterior.

Gràcia is a cool neighboorhood in the north of the city center of Barcelona and one of the most popular neighbourhoods to live. Around the apartment you will find excelent restaurants, bars, shops, gyms and all services. Gran de Gràcia street is the most important one of the neighbourhood which means that you have all services needed there.

This apartment is the perfect option for students and young workers looking for co-living experience with people from many different nationalities. At this home, you will always have a mate to do something together and for sure, you will always have your private room to relax youself.

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Rooms number: 9
People: 11
Notable features:
Central Heating System
2 Shared Bathrooms

All inedit flats meet a series of minimum requirements. You can also request extra services:

Nearby services

(pending info)

Nearby services

(pending info)

Room Booking

Monthly payment

725 € per month

Registration fee

-- € per person

Inèdit policy

Inèdit Policy

Registration fee

Registration fee


For Bookings up to 5 months – 180 €

For Bookings more than 5 months – 220 €



For Bookings up to 5 months – 250 €

For Bookings more than 5 months – 295 €

* Home Insurance: It covers most of the incidences that could happen at the apartment.
** Empadronamiento: We will manage all process to get your Empadronamiento document and will give it to you after your arrival. The empadronamiento is mandatory for all residents who are staying in Barcelona for at least 6 months and it is necessary to go to the public doctor, to get the NIE or TIE and to get a bank account for example.
*** NIE or TIE: We will manage all process to get a NIE or TIE appointment for your arrival.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy



Live Coliving

Living coliving is more.

More than a room.

More than a shared apartment.

More than greeting your flatmates in the morning ...

To live coliving is to find the place where the colivers are like you and want the same as you.

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