Thinking about coming to Barcelona to study? 5 reasons you totally should!

September 18, 2018

Are you considering studying abroad and already looking for rooms for rent in Barcelona? It doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, in Inèdit Barcelona we are true lovers of this city, and the thing we like the most is sharing that love with everybody else. Do you want to know the reason for that love? Keep reading!

Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities in Europe to live. We know that’s a bold statement, since a lot of people would answer that with “Paris”, “London” or “Amsterdam”. But it’s a fact that Barcelona is being chosen every day by thousands of students, workers and digital nomads all around the world to live in. Why? Well, here are some awesome facts about Barcelona that may surprise you.

Barcelona is in the top 50 of cities with great quality of life, according to the HR consultancy company Mercer and its global quality of life survey. It has an academic offer of more than 30 universities and learning institutions, which makes it perfect for a career, a postgraduate or a master’s degree. In addition to this we can’t forget its cultural vibe and the leisure offer, with hundreds of interesting events happening every day. And on top of that, it has both beach and mountain!

Aren’t you convinced yet? Well, since our purpose with this article is inspire you, we have made this remarkable list of the 5 reasons why you really-really should study in Barcelona.

Some of the best universities in Europe

Joining of the Barcelona universities means taking a huge leap in your future career. You can improve your skills in prestigious institutions such as the University of Barcelona (UB), the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) or the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). But that’s not all: In the Catalan capital you can find private schools, training centers and academies for majors as diverse as international business, fashion design, filmmaking, cooking and even stand-up comedy!

Living in a shared apartment in Barcelona

Sharing an apartment is awesome! You live and study in Barcelona, enjoying the city, and at the end of the day you go back home you can hang out with your roomies which, in a little time, may become your best friends. Barcelona is a meeting point for foreign students and liberal professionals, who mix to form an international and cosmopolitan atmosphere. There are several options to do this, from finding rooms for rent in Barcelona to getting a couples of friends and find a Barcelona apartment for rent. But this last option can be tricky, with all the bureaucratic hurdles and legal proceeding. Luckily, there is an easier way to do it. Do you want to know how?

Sunny summers and not-that-cold-really winters

Great thing about Barcelona is that it has a mild climate, just like opening the hot and cold water tap at the same time. Thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the climate is always soft and nice. Sure, there will be days in the winter that you’ll have to wear your thick jacket, or days in the summer that you’ll feel like you were melting as an ice cream. But the rest of the year, pure delight.

Awe-inspiring Catalan habits and traditions

Catalonia is a unique place in the world. Foreign visitors that study in Barcelona always highlight the marvelous mixture between the international atmosphere and the strong connection of the Catalans with their roots, culture and language. Learn the Catalan language and use it wherever you go, feeling like a real local. Go to your neighborhood festival and participate in a casteller (at your own a risk!). Or even dance among fireworks and devils in one of the popular correfocs.

Delicious food

It’s time to talk food! Foodies from all around the world have Barcelona among their main choices for a great meal. Here you can taste the most traditional dishes, including the Pantumaca (Tomato spread toasts with a millenary technique), Butifarra (delicious white pork sausages) or the delicious sangria. Not to mention the Calçots, tasty grilled onions dipped in Romescu sauce. But beware, because they stain!

We’re positive that, at this point, you are already searching rooms for rent in Barcelona. It’s really an awesome city, and we’re going to keep giving you cool tips and great info in the Inèdit Barcelona blog. So, stay tunned! 

And remember: #lifeisbetterinbarcelona

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