The 5 best Catalonia beaches that locals wouldn’t tell you about (but we do!)

September 25, 2018

The Mediterranean Sea is a big part of the Catalan culture. Barcelona is a urban city located in the coast, which means that you have a wide extension of beaches. When people come study in Barcelona, they want also to make the most of the city and big advantage of having the beach one metro ride away. But, in this case we have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that, the closer the beach is to the city, the more massified it’s going to be. And we are not talking about a lot of people; we’re talking about metro-at-8AM-in-a-week-day massified. The city of Barcelona has great beaches such as Barceloneta, Bogatell or Mar Bella, but there is so many people that sometimes it can be hard to enjoy them.

The good news is that the region of Barcelona, out of the city, has some of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in the country – you just need to know them. And that’s what we are doing here today! Some of them are close to the city. Others will require you to get the train. But they are totally worth it, especially in the summer, for a ride, a picnic and spending a great day in some of the most Delicious coasts of the region.

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag and spill the beans about the 6 best beaches in the Barcelona region.  

1) Fortí Beach A.K.A Bunker beach (Mataró)

This beach is located in the town of Mataró, next to Barcelona. Getting there will require you a 10 minutes train ride from the Plaza Catalunya train station. From there you will have to walk a little bit, but it’s totally worth it. It’s not only a beautiful calmed beach to visit, but it’s also full of Spanish history. In its sand you will find a bunker from the Spanish Civil War. Its closeness makes it the kind of beach that people visit first after coming to the city and finding student accommodation in Barcelona. Our personal recommendation.  

2) Sant Sebastía Beach (Sitges)

SItges is one of the most popular destinations in the Barcelona region. It combines the vibe of a traditional Catalan coast town with the excitement of a great night life. In Sitges you'll find numerous touristic spots and a big modern scene. The whole nine yards! This beach has great waves for the surfers, it’s not far from the trains station and it’s the best option for spending a day and enjoy its clear waters, orange sand and great views of the town’s tower.  

3) l'Illot Beach (L'Ametlla de Mar)

This little town in the Tarragona coast is a real gem. It’s one of those beaches that makes you feel like you’ve left the real world and accessed in a dream. The colors of this beach are one of the things that will amaze you. Its dim red rocks, crystal-clear blue waters and green forests are amazing! Make sure you bring everything you need when visiting it, since there aren’t any stores, restaurants or ‘chiringuitos’ around!

‘Chiringuito’ (beach bar) is one of those words that Spaniards use constantly. The best way to get acquainted with this kind of lingo is to study in Barcelona. And if you need temporary or student accommodation in Barcelona, just let us know!  

4) Cala Futadera (Tossa de Mar)

This Tossa de Mar beach is also known as the “300 steps beach”, since that’s the number of steps of the stairs you will have to take to get there from the town. It’s a natural cove full of pine trees, perfect for enjoying beach and nature at the same time. Our personal recommendation is to rent a little ship in the town’s port and do a tour through the bay, to enjoy its calmed waters and beautiful sunset.  

5) Fonda Beach (Begur)

We can also say that this beach is private a unique, thanks to its difficult access through a steep staircase. But also for its color, since the sand is darker than regular beaches. This is due it's mixed with rocks that give it this unique tone. It’s also known for its populated sea bed, which makes it a big destination for snorkel fans. Get your equipment and explore its sea vegetation, the abundant sea-life and its gorgeous natural life.

As we said before, sometimes it’s hard to find out about this kind of things when you are a foreigner in Barcelona. That’s why in the Inèdit Barcelona we want to help you see all the wonders people find when they choose to live in Barcelona.

And contact us if you’re looking for student accommodation in Barcelona.

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