January 23, 2019

Are you tired of your daily life and want to take a break from your routine? Are you in love with the fact of traveling and continually discovering new places? Do you want to meet new people and new cultures? Do you want to live a life-changing experience? Well, if you have answered yes to these four questions… it’s time to do a Gap Year! Don’t know what it is? Continue reading!

What is a Gap Year?

A Gap Year is commonly known as a year-long break from everything, the perfect time to dedicate to the things that you truly love! If you are looking for a break, this is your opportunity! A Gap Year is the perfect time to live new life challenges and activities that you haven’t had time to do before! Despite its name includes the word year, a Gap Year can last three months, six months or the period that you want!

The perfect moment to make a Gap Year is… always! Any time is a good moment to be brave! It’s never too late to travel, discover a new country, a new culture, start a new project, volunteer, meet new people and the most important thing, meet yourself, your real interests and your life objectives! You don’t know it yet but it could be one of the best episodes of your life! And even better if you decide to come and stay in Barcelona during it! This incredible city needs you!

The positive things about doing a Gap Year in Barcelona!

Some people think that a Gap Year is a loss of time and that it doesn’t add anything to your life. But truth is that it has a lot of benefits that not only affect you but also the ones near you. Want to know them? Continue reading!

You will get enriched by all the things you discover and explore during your year in Barcelona! You will gain courage, feel ready for new challenges, expand your thoughts and open your mind to new cultures thanks to your epic experience in Barcelona!

Your language skills will get so much better! Every country speaks its own language and traveling is the perfect opportunity to learn a new one! Barcelona citizens speak Spanish and Catalan, so if you travel to Barcelona and you don’t speak Spanish or Catalan you will find a lot of courses to enroll and learn it! Also, there are other ways to learn and practice new languages like sharing an Inèdit apartment with people from different parts of the world, attending to meet-ups and language exchanges… Discover it when coming to Barcelona!

You will know you better, your feelings, your thoughts… and you will expand your mind! You will grow as a person!

You will learn, a lot! That’s what you are mostly going to do during your Gap Year in Barcelona. You will learn about Barcelona, the language that is spoken, its culture, its habits, its gastronomy, how to empathize and interact with new people, how to organize your money and get in touch with financial issues… Basically, you won’t stop learning about life and how to deal with it in Barcelona! And learning is gaining!

And last but not least, you’ll be able to live brand new adventures in a brand new city and have a lot of fun with new people in Barcelona!  

Your Gap Year in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a great city to move in during your Gap Year, especially because Barcelona is totally prepared for receiving curious people seeking for new adventures and epic memories, looking for new stories in a modern and cosmopolitan ambient!

In Barcelona, you’ll be able to find all kind of activities and amazing people that will make your Gap Year unforgettable! Join a volunteer organization, start an internship, enroll a Spanish language course, explore the secrets of Barcelona, enjoy all the festivals that Barcelona offers to its citizens and foreigners, discover the Barcelona vibes and get in touch with the cosmopolitan city that inspires people!

Are you worried about where to stay in Barcelona? Well, if you are looking for a place where you can live and master even more your Gap Year in order to meet and have fun with more people from all over the world who appear to be in Barcelona as you are… Inèdit Barcelona apartments are what you are looking for! Live a unique coliving experience with international students and young professionals in Barcelona and discover and enjoy Barcelona all together!

Don’t know what coliving means? Coliving means living together with other people, but the experience is what makes it so special. A coliving experience is a lifetime event that will totally enrich you! You will be able to find more than eight different cultures in one Inèdit apartment and have the opportunity to learn its traditions, language, costumes and everything about them! Because the best way to know a new culture is by experiencing and coliving with it!

What’s more, all the Inèdit Barcelona team will be there if you need help with any kind of issues and doubts related to your stay in Barcelona or any plan and suggestion in order to live to the fullest your Gap Year in Barcelona!

What to do after your Gap Year in Barcelona?

Well, that’s totally up to you. You can continue traveling and discovering the world, you can go back to your country and start studying or working again… but, if you settle down and decide to stay longer in the Inèdit Barcelona apartment mastering, even more, your coliving experience, you should keep in mind these two things!  

First, all the Barcelona enterprises will want you in their team! Having the “One Gap Year in Barcelona” tick in your Curriculum Vitae is a win-win. Companies love adventurous people who have taken risks throughout their lives and who are able to add a different point of view to their team!

And last... you rule! You have made a decision that most of the people are not brave enough to do and in consequence, you will get enriched by all the good things that had happened in a year and no one can take that from you!

It’s never too late to take a break from everything in order to grab impulse for later, because that’s why the Gap Year is for! Gain and enrich yourself from all the epic and endless stories that you lived in Barcelona such as your coliving experience in an Inèdit apartment and apply this in your job and your daily life in order to get the best of you! What are you waiting for? Start planning your Gap Year in Barcelona!


See you in Barcelona!

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