January 15, 2019

Barcelona is the perfect destination to go on vacation with friends or family, but there are some things that you miss when you travel so you can only experience them when living in Barcelona. That’s why living in Barcelona is so special and, for some, a life-changing experience. Come to Barcelona and live it!  

If you’re still having doubts about moving and studying abroad in Barcelona… here you have 6 reasons that prove that Barcelona is the perfect city to move and study abroad! Start reading and stop doubting!


The perfect weather is in Barcelona 

Barcelona is popularly loved because of its weather. Truth is that Barcelona has the perfect climate in order to live and enjoy the city to the fullest: not so cold in winter, warm in spring and hot in summer. So, there’s no need to worry about the temperatures when making plans in Barcelona with your coliving flatmates. Enjoy the sunny Barcelona days with your roommates chilling and having a beer in one of our Inèdit Barcelona apartments or just go out with your flatmates and discover the city and its secrets and drink a cup of hot chocolate in its narrow streets! Just live the Barcelona coliving experience!

Wondering how is Barcelona weather right now? Check it in this link!

The rich culture of Barcelona 

Only in Barcelona, there are a lot of typical things and costumes that make the daily life of Barcelona so special and not-monotonous. When in Barcelona you’ll be surprised by all the activities related to the culture of the city that add valor to the city and make the fact of living in Barcelona so much special. Enjoy the experience of watching Els Castellers making stunning human towers in Plaça Sant Jaume of Barcelona, get to know Les Sardanes (the typical Barcelona dance) and join the dance with your Inèdit apartment flatmates in all the squares of Barcelona, follow Els Gegants parade wandering through the streets of Barcelona with music… Sounds great, right? Come to Barcelona and soak into Barcelona culture!

The endless life of Barcelona 

Barcelona is a city that never stops, it has an endless offer of activities for the locals and the international students and professionals that study and work abroad in Barcelona. People like to create life in the streets of Barcelona and you’ll feel it when living in Barcelona. Every day in every quarter there occur to happen tones of funny plans and activities so that you can take profit of your long stay in Barcelona. From a cultural exposition to a Holy Festival or music festival or a popular marathon. Find some company like your Inèdit Barcelona international flatmates and live Barcelona and all the life it has for you! In Barcelona, you’ll never get bored!

The kindness of Barcelona citizens

When in Barcelona you can always count with the help of all the Inèdit Barcelona team. We are here to help you with the basic issues of moving in to Barcelona like  getting the “empadronamiento” document, a bank account, a SIM card  or just some information of the best spots of the city to discover while living in Barcelona. The Inèdit Barcelona team will help you to make your long stay in Barcelona easy, safe and unforgettable. Living in Barcelona will be the best abroad experience of your life.

Nevertheless, coliving in Barcelona, in a such cosmopolitan city, will allow you to meet new Barcelona people really fast because Barcelona citizens are really open-minded and ready to meet people from all over the world in order to show you this amazing city and make your abroad experience in Barcelona incredible!

The special architecture of Barcelona buildings 

Barcelona is Antoni Gaudí and much more, there are also a lot of other important architects,  buildings and streets that make Barcelona so special in architectonic terms. When in Barcelona you’ll realize that you’ll spend most of the time looking up in order to appreciate the beauty of Barcelona different buildings, like the ones where Inèdit Barcelona apartments are located. All of the different constructions produce a unique Barcelona architecture style even more stunning than the city. Do you imagine living in Barcelona, in an Inèdit Barcelona apartment inside a preserved building? Visit our website and check which rooms for students and professionals in amazing Barcelona buildings are available for you and live the experience!

The Vermut tradition of Barcelona 

Barcelona diet is on point, the citizens of Barcelona love enjoying a really good meal shared with good friends so when you come to Barcelona make sure to treat yourself and your Inèdit Barcelona roommates with the typical Vermut. Don’t you know what is it? Well, Vermut is the traditional meal made between breakfast and lunch, but it’s not brunch. Vermut consists of going to a bar and drink the typical Vermut beverage or a cold beer shared with olives, chips and cockles. Barcelona people usually have Vermut on weekends before having lunch. Want to try it? Spot a sunny Barcelona bar terrace and meet there with your Inèdit Barcelona flatmates at 12 p.m! Go “Vermuting”!


As you can see, Barcelona is even more special when you live in. It could be one semester, one year, or the rest of your life… If you finished reading this post and you are finally ready to come to live in Barcelona, the best city of the world… Houston, we have a room! In Inèdit Barcelona we are waiting for you, to provide you with the best Barcelona coliving experience of your life and guest you in one of our Barcelona central rooms. Enjoy living in Barcelona with Inèdit Barcelona, share the experience with flatmates from all over the world and get the best coliving experience of your life! What are you waiting for? Remember that, Life is better in Barcelona!  

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