January 8, 2019

Barcelona is beautiful every season of the year, but January is ones of the best times to experience it because the crowds are gone and even the cold don’t stop Barcelona from the endless life it is made! There’s no better way to start a brand-new year than in Barcelona, this amazing and beautiful city plenty of life and things to do!

If you want to know what is going on in Barcelona this January, you better continue reading because we have picked the best plans that you cannot miss during this month in Barcelona! Being inside your Inèdit Barcelona apartment when it’s cold outside is tempting but go out and discover the best plans that Barcelona has ready for you this January!


The Traditional "Tres Tombs" parade in the center of Barcelona

For Sant Antoni (19th of January), Barcelona fulfills its streets with horses, donkeys, dogs, sheeps… that wander through the passages of Barcelona with carriages and teams in order to celebrate Sant Antoni, a traditional festive day dedicated to the old trades of Barcelona that existed in the city in the rural past times. The animal parade goes all over the center of Barcelona passing through centric places and streets like Sant Antoni market, Urgell Street next to one of our Inèdit Gran Via apartments, Pelai Street, les Rambles next to our Inèdit Santa Anna apartments… ending it in front of Colombus statue of Barcelona next to our Inèdit Anselm apartment. So you don’t have any excuse to miss that typical Barcelona tradition because the Inèdit apartments are near the places where the parade wanders! Go out and get in touch with the Barcelona traditions! When you go you’ll see that the people who attend it carry their pets with them, that’s because it’s a day dedicated to the animals! 

WHEN? 19/01 starting at 10:30

WHERE? Check the Sant Antoni Barcelona 2019 tour by clicking here


Go skiing to La Molina from the center of Barcelona

Now that the real winter cold has arrived to Barcelona… Master your coliving experience in Barcelona by taking a ski trip with your flatmates of your Inèdit Barcelona apartment! Take profit of your stay in Barcelona and go skiing to the nearest slopes from Barcelona! Wake up at 6 am, wait for the bus in front of Hard Rock Café Barcelona at 6:30 am and arrive at La Molina or La Masella ski resort at 9:30 am! Enjoy the different slopes of the ski resort all day and finish the day with a hot chocolate at the cafeteria! Be back to your Inèdit Barcelona apartment after an intense and tired day at 8 pm! Does this sound like a plan? Hell to the yes!


  • To go to La Molina: Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of the week during ski season.
  • To go to La Masella: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday of the week during ski season.

Check the link in order to get more information and to buy your bus tickets!


Explore the Art In Movement exhibition in La Pedrera, Barcelona

If you’re interested in the cultural side of Barcelona you’ll sure love this exhibition and where it takes place. The Open works - Art in Movement exposition is a fantastic artistic act that pursues the interaction and participation of the public with the works of 37 international artists who mix art and science in order to create amazing masterpieces. The result of this works is this stunning highly interactive art display in La Pedrera, where you can even be part of the work itself! You can kill two birds with one and visit the exhibition and the amazing La Pedrera building from Antoni Gaudí! What are you waiting for? Convince your Inèdit Barcelona apartment flatmates and prepare a cultural evening in Barcelona! Oh, if you are a student studying abroad in Barcelona don’t forget to show your student card when buying the tickets because it will be 2 € cheaper!

WHEN? Until 27 of January


Listen to the Beatles in la Sala Slow Barcelona

Hey Jude, the Beatles are a classic and they don’t need any kind of introduction explaining why you should not miss one tribute concert in Barcelona, right? This plan rocks! The concert will take place in Sala Slow of Barcelona (small but familiar space in the center of Barcelona located in París street, just under Diagonal street of Barcelona) and Hey Bulldogs will put the voice to the fantastic night. Help! Do you need somebody to come with you to the concert? Convince one of your Inèdit Barcelona apartment flatmates and enjoy an unforgettable night in Sala Slow Barcelona together! Let it be because all you need are The Beatles, a good room and Barcelona!  

Buy your tickets here

WHEN? The 12th January at 21:30h


Run the Moritz race in Sant Antoni neighborhood in Barcelona 

Are you part of the group of people who lives in Barcelona and explodes every opportunity he has to run wherever? Is running through La Diagonal Street and Ciutadella park one of your goals during your stay in Barcelona, apart from living to the fullest the coliving experience in one of the Inèdit Barcelona apartments? Then, this is the perfect plan for you! Put on your trainers, zip your breathable jacket and get ready for the race of the month in Barcelona! Run 10 km through the centric streets of Barcelona and Sant Antoni neighborhood! Sign up by clicking this link and don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

WHEN? The 20th of January at 9:30h


Well, you don’t have any excuse not to get out of your Inèdit Barcelona apartment in all the month while your stay in Barcelona, so… Take your jacket, your gloves and your scarf and get out there to live Barcelona! Barcelona will always be here, but these 5 amazing plans only occur to happen during January! So, don’t regret it and live to the fullest your coliving experience with your flatmates in Barcelona! 





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