What to do in Barcelona this New Year’s Eve?

December 24, 2018

2018 is almost over and everyone looks to 2019 with a good smile and high hopes. If you look back to all the entire year that has passed you’ll sure remember the best moments and with whom you shared them and realize that 2018 has been a good year. You’ll think about this person who changed the way to see the world, that new friend who has become your best friend, that trip that changed your life, that Inèdit apartment where you found your new family in Barcelona, that Coliving experience in Barcelona that teached you how to survive without your parents, that room in Barcelona that became your new home… But, 2019 is coming, with new people, new roommates, new Coliving experiences, new families, new lessons… new everything!

A new year is a new opportunity to restart the year with a new attitude, change the way of seeing the things, create a new to-do-list, do things that you never thought of doing before (like coming to Barcelona, renting a room with Inèdit Barcelona and living a unique Coliving experience)… Starting a year is believed for some people to be a trailer of how the year will be, so why don’t you start the year renting a room with Inèdit, coming to Barcelona and enjoying a new life experience while you have a great Coliving experience with your new family and flatmates in Barcelona with the best plans offered by the city? A good start means a good year!

If you and your roommates got out of plans at the last minute or are still thinking about how to master the Coliving experience this New Year’s Eve in Barcelona… this is the article you’ve been waiting for! Here’s a selection of the best plans to do in Barcelona on New Year’s Eve with your Inèdit apartment flatmates to start the year as perfect as possible in the best city! But remember that it’s New Year’s Eve, it’s Barcelona and you better hurry if you need to buy an entrance ticket and you don’t want to miss it!

The official New Year's Eve celebration in Montjuic!

Since 2011, Barcelona citizens have been celebrating the entrance to the New Year in Maria Cristina Avenue, in front of the magical Fountain of Montjuic from Barcelona where all the magic happens! Crowds of people from Barcelona and all over the world, join the event organized by the city hall of Barcelona and wait until 00:00 to eat the 12 grapes (a tradition which consists of eating all the 12 grapes just at midnight, and at the rhythm of the clock). Meanwhile, there are scenography’s, shows, water spectacles and music and just after 00:00 there’s a big firework show and music all night to celebrate the start of the year! Oh, and it’s free! It’s the best and cheapest plan if you and your Inèdit apartment roommates don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to return back to your Inèdit apartment not too late! Experience the best plan and enjoy Barcelona for New Year’s Eve!

Poble Espanyol party in Barcelona!

If you are not a big fan of crowds or are looking for another place to follow the Montjuic’s celebration in Barcelona with your Inèdit apartment flatmates in a musical and young ambient, then you should totally go to the party followed in Poble Espanyol (just 5 minutes walking from the Montjuic Fountain Barcelona). Even though the entrance is 35€, you’ll be able to celebrate and party with your Inèdit apartment roommates as long as you can in a Mediterranean outdoors ambient enriched by the peculiar Barcelona buildings, with a different architecture compared to your Inèdit apartment, that make Poble Espanyol the perfect Barcelona village to start the year. The shows and music there will be the classic New Years’ Eve ones and there will be a great ambient and spectacles to keep the party up until the sunrise! A tip for you is to bring a jacket from your Inèdit apartment, even though you will be partying and dancing, it’s December, it’s outdoors and it’s so cold outside! Celebrate the New Year’s Eve and enjoy the night in Poble Espanyol in Barcelona! Buy your tickets and get more information clicking here

Mirablau exclusive celebration in Barcelona!

Like every year, the popular restaurant and lounge club Mirablau from Barcelona organizes an exclusive party in order to start the year like a pro in Barcelona. The celebration starts at 1 p.m and you and your Inèdit apartment roommates will be able to enjoy a different kind of music styles during all the night because you’ll have at your disposition 3 different spaces to have fun and spend the night (a bar, a lounge and a terrace)! What makes Mirablau so peculiar and impressive during this night is its terrace, from where you’ll be able to see all Barcelona and the different fireworks thrown in Barcelona and take an amazing picture of Barcelona during the most special night of the year! You can also try to spot your Inèdit apartment where you are living a Coliving experience from there! Get your tickets here in order to have a night to remember!

Groove is the New Year's Razz Eve in Sala Razzmatazz!

Start the year in the best young and charming ambient of Barcelona in Sala Razzmatazz and its particular and spectacular party in Barcelona! Razzmatazz is popular in Barcelona among the different discotheques due to its DJ sets and good vibes that partner with student life every week of the year, if you’re staying in one of our rooms in an Inèdit apartment living a Coliving experience… for sure you had been there and you know what it is to go there! But on New Year’s Eve, the discotheque opens all of the spaces inside where you’ll be able to listen and dance to any kind of popular songs between 2018 and a long time ago. If you are thinking about going there keep in mind that the entrance costs 45€ and they are sold fast! Also, dress comfortably because there’s no dress code to enter and get ready because you’ll be dancing all night long! Buy your tickets and enjoy the night! 


What are you waiting for? Have a good entrance to 2019 and spend a really good time with your Inèdit Barcelona apartment roommates in Barcelona! Convince your flatmates to come and celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona! Enjoy the city and the life in here in order to live to the fullest the Coliving experience in Barcelona! This is only happening here, in Barcelona! Is there a better way to start the year?


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