The top 5 Instagram accounts that you need to follow if you live in Barcelona!

December 18, 2018

Discovering Barcelona can be quite tricky, especially when arriving here for the first time. Of course, there are maps, guides and all the Inèdit Barcelona team willing to help you in any way, but you can’t explore and live in a city for the first time without visiting all the touristic attractions. When you move to Barcelona in order to live a Coliving experience, the first thing that you pursue is to visit the typical places of Barcelona and post a picture in your Instagram account so everyone knows that you’re in Barcelona. When weeks pass by, you realize that Barcelona is more than Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, Les Rambles, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic… and you start to feel the need of discovering what makes Barcelona so special.

Nowadays with the help of technology and social networks, this discovery is way easier than before. Just by tapping Barcelona on Google or Instagram, they will automatically suggest you popular tourist places and pictures of Barcelona in order to fully squeeze Barcelona. But, in order to explore the deepest shape of Barcelona and its more hidden secrets, there are numerous tools that will help you find them, like Instagram local accounts. Locals are the ones who know the best places to eat in Barcelona, the unknown spot for taking an amazing picture of Barcelona, the cheapest cinema in town…

The Inèdit Barcelona team has picked the top 5 Instagram accounts that you need to follow if you really want to discover what tourists just cannot see in Barcelona tours and the secret spots that Barcelona has so that you enjoy and take profit of your stay in Barcelona. It’s our suggestion and we think that these are the best Instagram accounts by now from Barcelona, but of course, there are plenty of them out there waiting for you to follow them! Here are our top 5!


In this account, you’ll find all the perfect Barcelona shots from different Instagram accounts picked up all together in the same profile. It’s like a Barcelona album created by locals who share their pictures of Barcelona online so that Instagram users who love Barcelona get inspired and have the chance to discover new places of Barcelona. Follow it, get out of your Inèdit apartment, take a walk and discover new Barcelona spots with your Coliving roommates! Truth is that it doesn’t really show particularly non-popular places of Barcelona but it does show them captured in an original and creative way. The account may inspire you when taking beautiful pictures of typical Barcelona spots differently and contrasting them with the Barcelona ones that your roommates have taken. Train your camera and become the photograph of your Inèdit apartment in Barcelona and show your spectacular shots to your homies when you go back home! They do also have a blog so you can read more about Barcelona and get in touch with what’s happening in the city! 



Sharing is caring and we would like to share this special account with the Inèdit Barcelona apartments family! Like every city of the world, Barcelona has its secret hidden gems that don’t want to be discovered by everyone. Well, you’re lucky that this Instagram account approaches these hidden treasures of Barcelona to its followers! As its name says (Secret Barcelona), this Instagram account is full of secret Barcelona spots and facts that show the users how mysterious, curious and peculiar Barcelona is. Take a look and you’ll see what you’ve been missing about Barcelona in order to take a full profit of your Coliving experience in Barcelona!  If you follow them you’ll be able to take advantage of unique promotions and news of Barcelona and discover its hidden spots that sometimes even the locals don’t know about their existence, don’t keep it as a secret and discover the secrets of Barcelona with your roommates! Plus, they have a cool website where you can discover even more secret facts, spots and curious events that occur to happen in Barcelona!


This is Inèdit Barcelona Instagram account where we post daily pictures of Barcelona in order to show to our followers and the world how beautiful Barcelona is in all of its senses. The content posted presents to the Inèdit followers how colorful and live life is in Barcelona, always showing it with the young eyes from the team behind ;) Discover the best weekend plans, know the best places of the city that doesn’t stop moving, enjoy the Barcelona city life in a unique way, ask for help when moving to Barcelona… If you are a student or a young professional and are looking for a room in a shared Inèdit apartment in Barcelona or want to live a Coliving experience in Barcelona you should totally follow this account! Yes, we know that it is our Instagram account, but we work so hard to keep it beautiful and try to post interesting content that may help you during your stay in Barcelona that we could not include it in this list. Oh, and we also have a web where you’ll be able to read more about Barcelona and the way of living in here and book a room!


A good way to discover Barcelona in by knowing where to eat! If you want to be the first one of your Inèdit apartment roommates to find out a new restaurant in Barcelona or to spot the new Barcelona café for drinking a coffee and a piece of cake or to know where to locate the perfect cocktail bar in Barcelona… this is the Barcelona Instagram account you have been looking for! Discover the best cafés, bars, and restaurants of Barcelona with the help of Maria, the girl behind this account. She nails it and posts stunning and interesting Barcelona content every day with perfect and yummy pictures that will make you long for food in Barcelona! Become a real Barcelona foodie expert and explore the best places to eat in Barcelona, apart from your Inèdit apartment! And if you’re curious and you’re not full with the content of her Instagram account, you can always explore its website!


This is the Barcelona local account you need to follow if you really want to discover Barcelona to the fullest! The man behind this Barcelona Instagram profile, Albert, creates amazing content regarding Barcelona and the most secret and hidden places of Barcelona from another point of view! Get inspired by the Barcelona sunsets and reflections and find new places around Barcelona to visit with your Inèdit apartment roommates! From the mountain to the sea walking through every quarter of Barcelona… get lost in the streets of El Born, convince your flatmates to go hiking in order to discover the best views of the city and explore the best spots to capture the beauty of Barcelona! Take profit of your Coliving experience in Barcelona by following the steps of Inèdit Barcelona and Albert!


Taking a good picture of Barcelona is easy because when you have a utopic landscape the picture is practically made by itself, but what’s difficult is taking a different picture of a place or spot that has been photographed by everyone who is in Barcelona in a different way. Be creative and explore your original side in order to get the best shot of Barcelona! Become the official photographer and capture the best moments from your stay in Barcelona or your Coliving experience and share it in your social networks, or hang it on the walls of your room in your Inèdit apartment! Don’t forget tagging @ineditbarcelona!


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