What do Barcelona citizens eat for Christmas?

December 11, 2018

Christmas is that time of the year that everyone loves because it’s evolving, lovely and unique in every part of the world, for sure Barcelona is not an exception. The essence of Christmas is spending it with the ones that you love (your hometown family, your Inèdit apartment family…) in order to create brand new good memories for the future and enjoy the time spent together every year.

What makes Christmas so unique is the fact that some things only occur to happen during this magical period of the year, giving birth to Christmas traditions that don’t change throughout the years but change between cities and countries, like Barcelona. If you are traveling to Barcelona during Christmas or are living abroad in an Inèdit shared apartment living a Coliving experience in Barcelona, you’ll see how unique and satisfying is to discover Christmas traditions from Barcelona. December is the best moment to rent a room with Inèdit in Barcelona and discover how beautiful and magical is living here!

Barcelona has its own Christmas traditions that add life and value to the festive period and make all Barcelona citizens love and deeply want the arrival of December. El Caganer” and “El Caga Tió are popular Christmas figures in Barcelona, but the Christmas typical traditions that are distinguished from other around the world in Barcelona are mostly related to gastronomy. Why? Because in Barcelona the idea of celebrating Christmas is conceived like eating around a table in the living room area of your Inèdit apartment with your Inèdit family and friends and enjoying the time and the food together. So, here’s a list of the typical dishes that all Barcelona citizens eat during Christmas and you should totally try. If you are still not in Barcelona, rent an Inèdit room and enjoy this tradition with your new family in the best city in the world.

Eating "Sopa de Galets" the Christmas day

It’s December, it’s cold, and the best way to warm up is by eating a good soup. This typical Barcelona food is the perfect dish to get introduced to the cozy ambient that evolves all the Christmas lunches and dinners of Barcelona. This popular soup in Barcelona is made of “galets” pasta filled in with the meat, at first, it doesn’t look like a big starter but it fills you up immediately!

Preparing it is not that difficult, cook it with your flatmates and enjoy the Coliving experience together: Fill the pasta with the meat, boil it slowly, add some salt… And there you go! There’s no secret in cooking soup, and this one typical from Barcelona will completely steal your heart! You can also prepare it without meat!

Eating "Canelons" on the 26thof December

Another Barcelona tradition is to eat “Canelons” (cannelloni) during any Christmas lunch. What’s also as typical in Barcelona as eating them is helping prepare them, it’s a really good and funny time that Barcelona citizens share with the older ones who cook deliciously like no tomorrow. There’s no need to explain to you how to prepare cannelloni but the secret of this plate is not in the ingredients but in the love that is required and given when cooking it. Same happens when you rent a room in Barcelona, share an Inèdit apartment and live the Coliving experience cooking with your flatmates, there’s no need to worry about the result, the important thing is the love you put when cooking and enjoy the Coliving experience with your roommates together!

Having "Torrons" as a dessert

Torrons (nougat) is a typical Barcelona dessert that everyone eats not only at Christmas but during all December in Barcelona. There’s no need to worry whether if you like it or not because bakeries in Barcelona have adapted it from the most typical ones of burned Catalan cream or “xixona” to the brand new with white chocolate or pistachios. There are plenty of varieties in Barcelona and you’ll find the one that suits you better for sure because you can find Torrons in every bakery of Barcelona. If you want to seduce your family when going back home for Christmas and delight them with the Barcelona Christmas tradition, you should totally take one Torró from Barcelona with you! If you are staying at the Inèdit apartment, just go shopping with your flatmates, take different tastes and enjoy them in the living room table while enjoying the Coliving experience.

Eating "Tortell de Reis"

The day after the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Barcelona to give the presents to the kids of Barcelona, the families and friends from Barcelona gather together and celebrate their arrival by eating a “Tortell de Reis”, a circular sweet dessert that is sliced and shared with everyone who is in the room. This tradition in Barcelona is followed by two simple funny rules related to the content of the Tortell. When Barcelona bakeries make them they put inside a little figure of a Three Wise Man and a little-dried bean, so the one who finds the King inside his slice is believed to have good luck all the year and the one who finds the dried bean will need to pay the Tortell! So if someone offers you a slice in Barcelona, be careful when choosing which one you are going to eat! This is the funniest way to enjoy a delicious dessert for the Magic Kings day with your flatmates and enjoy the Coliving experience, tell us who gets to pay it!.


These Barcelona food traditions are what make Christmas in Barcelona a unique, familiar and lovely experience that can only be lived this way in Barcelona and with your new family in your Inèdit apartment. The best way to know it is by coming and living it in the first person so, rent a room in and Inèdit apartment and  live the Christmas experience in Barcelona. If you want to prepare a typical Barcelona Christmas dinner with your Coliving flatmates try one of this typical dishes from Barcelona or, other ones not related to Christmas but also typical from Barcelona! Life is better in Barcelona and for sure... Christmas too!

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