What to do in Barcelona this New Year’s Eve?

2018 is almost over and everyone looks to 2019 with a good smile and high hopes. If you look back to all the entire year that has passed you’ll sure remember the best moments and with whom you shared them and realize that 2018 has been a good year. You’ll think about this person who changed the way to see the world, that new friend who has become your best friend, that trip that changed your life, that Inèdit apartment where you found your new family in Barcelona, that Coliving experience in Barcelona that teached you how to survive without your parents, that room in Barcelona that became your new home… But, 2019 is coming, with new people, new roommates, new Coliving experiences, new families, new lessons… new everything!

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The top 5 Instagram accounts that you need to follow if you live in Barcelona!

Discovering Barcelona can be quite tricky, especially when arriving here for the first time. Of course, there are maps, guides and all the Inèdit Barcelona team willing to help you in any way, but you can’t explore and live in a city for the first time without visiting all the touristic attractions. When you move to Barcelona in order to live a Coliving experience, the first thing that you pursue is to visit the typical places of Barcelona and post a picture in your Instagram account so everyone knows that you’re in Barcelona. When weeks pass by, you realize that Barcelona is more than Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, Les Rambles, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic… and you start to feel the need of discovering what makes Barcelona so special.

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