Close(d) culture: 4 exhibitions you cannot miss in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city full of joy, precious buildings and culture all spared on its streets and areas. Everybody knows that, even the most basic tourist guide of the city that you can find on the internet. But not everyone is aware of the culture and joy you are able to find inside these precious buildings, tagged as cultural museums. Not even the locals who, sometimes, forget to visit them just because they think they have better plans to do.

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Gothic Quarter - All you need to know about living in downtown Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter is part of the Ciutat Vella district, which includes the entire area that was inside the city walls when the first human settled in the area, constituting the town known, back in the 1st century BC, as Barcino. This area is, with Las Ramblas, one of the essential visits in Barcelona. It’s one of the places of the city that best combines history, tradition and modernity.

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