The most misterious facts about Sagrada Familia (and why you should visit it)

If you live in Barcelona, you'll have noticed something striking and peculiar in its skyline. It kind of looks like a church, but it’s too unique and spectacular to be just a place for religious worship. With its perfect structure, exuberant decoration and astonishing details, it’s definitely one of the most amazing monuments in Barcelona and one of the most visited in the world. We’re talking, of course, about La Sagrada Familia.

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The 5 best Catalonia beaches that locals wouldn’t tell you about (but we do!)

The Mediterranean Sea is a big part of the Catalan culture. Barcelona is a urban city located in the coast, which means that you have a wide extension of beaches. When people come study in Barcelona, they want also to make the most of the city and big advantage of having the beach one metro ride away. But, in this case we have bad news and good news.

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