What do Barcelona citizens eat for Christmas?

Christmas is that time of the year that everyone loves because it’s evolving, lovely and unique in every part of the world, for sure Barcelona is not an exception. The essence of Christmas is spending it with the ones that you love (your hometown family, your Inèdit apartment family…) in order to create brand new good memories for the future and enjoy the time spent together every year.

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Christmas in Barcelona: Just live it!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells… Christmas is almost here. That wonderful time of the year when families and friends (the family that you choose) get together, decorate the Christmas tree and their homes, set the nativity scene and enjoy the endless family meals… Who doesn’t love that? If you are in Barcelona during this time of the year, you are so lucky! If not, you can always find your perfect room in a shared Inèdit apartment in order to live an incredible Christmas coliving experience!

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