Halloween day in Barcelona - the best plans you can do to die of terror during the scariest night of the year

The Halloween story focuses on the eve of All Saints, which occurs to be celebrated on October 31st and has Celtic and Roman roots at the same time. The Anglo-Saxon culture used to celebrate a magical and terrifying night to honor and keep the spirits away from the living, since they thought that was the night all the deceased came out of their graves. As a part of the celebration, they offered food and treats to the dead ones, trying to bribe them to spare their lives. That’s where the ‘trick or treat’ tradition comes from.

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Autumn in Barcelona and all you need to know for your stay in the city

Barcelona is a city mainly known for its summer activities. When you surf the internet for information about the city, ​​either to come on vacation, to study or to work in Barcelona, most of the photos you will find will be pictures taken during the summer. According to the internet, in Barcelona we have clear blue skies, bright sun and people hanging out on the ‘chiringuito’ enjoying a ‘sangria’ in their wet swimsuit 24/7. barcelona is A city of eternal summer.

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